Luv my Jeep in Montana!


Luv my Jeep in Montana!
Me at the Bed and Breakfast. I love Montana. I love my Jeep. I love my Jeep in Montana.

I am a fun loving Innkeeper at Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast, LLC.  I enjoy sharing great recipes, making friends, and experiencing amazing Montana adventures! I admit, I have no professional training as a chef or baker. I am certainly no professional photographer or blogger. The only camera or video equipment I have is an old smartphone. I am here to share my humble Montana experiences, in a humble way. I write blogs about  Montana, homesteading, recipes that worked great, and sometimes recipes that are epic fails.

I live on the Bitterroot River, in western Montana. I live between the Bitterroot Mountain Range and the Sapphire Mountain Range. Straight out my window, I see St. Mary’s peak. I became an innkeeper in 2014. I am just learning as I go. Before that, I used to clean teeth. Now I contribute to dental decay by transforming Montana grown grains into cookies and homemade bread. If you are gluten free, you may just want to skip my blogs altogether! I love gluten. Gluten loves me.

My other love is critters. Domestic and wild. Living on the river, I get to see moose, elk, whitetail, mule deer, over 200 species of birds, and occasionally, a wolf, bear, or mountain lion. Raised as a true blue collar, city girl; I am learning to homestead. As an innkeeper, I get to share my experiences with guest from around the world, who also love Montana. I meet SWEET, amazing people every day!

Montana is sexy. I am in love with Montana. When you are ready to visit, look us up! We will take great care of you and show you what Montana is all about! Meanwhile, I invite you to follow my blog, learn with me, and reach out to me. Comments and helpful advise are always welcome!

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  1. Hi Heather, just read your blog, nice to see you enjoying the life as a B&b owner. We are new to this business too. My husband and I start last May 2014. We moved from the busy city of Toronto to a much quieter life here in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada. Yes we walk almost everywhere, but still have 2 cars, go figure. I us the blog as a way of letting our guest know what to expect when traveling here. We get alot of people from the US and from Europe. They can find out about wine tours and bike trails. Restaurants, and shopping. Take a look and let me know what you think.


    1. Congrats on your new adventure! I hope your first year has been kind to you! There is a lot to learn about being an innkeeper. We try to laugh at our mistakes and then learn from them! Kevin and I have lived in various parts of the USA, but we both fell in love with Montana. I was a city girl through and through, but I love raw, rugged Montana. I blog so our friends, family, and guest that live all around the world, can get an idea of what goes on in Montana. I also have some blogs on our business website, Those are more travel oriented for the guest. I will definitely check out your blogs. Thanks and best wishes!


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