Say Hello to Huckleberry and friends!

The past few weeks our Stevensville friends showed us a lot of love! Several friends were heart broken for us, with the recent loss of our Pekin ducks. After a couple of weeks of searching, our friends were able to find us newly hatched duckling friends to join the bed and breakfast gang!

20160528_170540_1Meet Huckleberry, Dawn, and Kenni! Huckleberry and Dawn are blue ducks. Kenni is  a buff duckling. We are so appreciative of the love and kindness our friends have shown us in finding us new ducklings. The ducklings are already getting a lot of attention from the guests!  We will do our best to give the ducklings a great home.

0527161641While the ducks are entertaining with their constant silliness (think Daffy or Donald), we particularly enjoy them for breakfast! Breakfasts that include duck eggs are always a treat! For many of our guests, it is their first time to taste duck eggs. We are crossing our fingers that we have three hens this time.

0810150835We are looking forward to serving many great breakfasts including delicious duck eggs, maybe with a side of bacon, and some organic strawberries fresh from our garden!

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0819151941Thanks again to our many friends who continued to support us! Have a great summer!

Heather and Kevin


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