Showdown at Sunrise

It was bound to happen. One morning it did. The sunrise showdown at the b&b brought a dramatic end to both, “Lucky Don” and “Ducky Maria”. You could call it a ‘duel to death’. Kevin  just calls it a murder/suicide.

Lucky Don and Ducky Maria enjoying a swim last summer.


Recently, fighting between the drakes had become common. The two Pekin drakes were friends, practically brothers, until Ducky’s need for dominance drove them apart.


Happier days with the ducklings and some of our favorite guests!

Naming a drake Maria is like naming a boy Sue…. Poor Ducky Maria felt a strong need to prove his strength and dominance over the better named, Lucky Don.


Summer 2015


The tragic battle happened just as the sun began to rise over Montana’s big blue sky. The scene played out, before our eyes, as we were preparing for breakfast. Our guests, who are real bird watchers and endear animals, shared in our grief. It was a sad day at the bnb for both the guests and innkeepers.


Easter 2015



I adored my ducks. Their funny dances and sounds made guest smile every day. Their military style marches in the snow were very entertaining. They were excellent protectors of the hens.

Lucky Don, just days prior to his  death,  wearing a dickie.



RIP little friends



Easter 2015



Lil’ Ducky napping with friends.



Lucky Don and Ducky Maria were spoiled by guests!


Warm snuggles after a cool March swim.





RIP Lucky Don and Ducky Maria. You will be missed by many.


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