Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast 100

We listened to you!

Here’s a big shout out to all of our guest who helped us through our first year and a half as innkeepers! We were listening to you! The kindness and generosity you have shown us is humbling and encouraging! Kevin and I both love what we do at the B&B and your compliments and generous reviews really ‘spur us on’ to continually improve your experiences at the Bed and Breakfast.

Throughout our first year, we tried to ask each one of you, “How are doing?” “How was your room?” “How could we improve your stay?” We got a lot of great feedback. Some of your ideas were right in line with our own ideas. Some of the recommendations were things we hadn’t thought of yet. Some of your ideas were excellent, but not quite in the budget yet (I’m all in on the hot tubs and saunas looking out over the river LOL). And some of the ideas were really crazy out there….

One of the most common responses was, ‘it’s a really nice place, but it doesn’t feel like Montana’. We’ve been working on that! We are gradually adding more  Montana touches to the rooms.

We have gotten excellent responses for the improvements in the Sapphire room. The new décor  relates Montana’s historical  romance of mining for gold and sapphires. This room, which has a view of the Sapphire Mountain range, was also upgraded to a larger bed and fitted with a new HD TV. The headboard was made right here at the B&B and is adorned by mining inspired metal work from a local artist.

Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast 12
Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast: Sapphire Room highlights Montana’s mining history.

The Wild Rose Room just got a little wilder! The room now features  a King Sized bed, a custom built wild west style headboard, and a chandelier that would earn the envy of the Madam from any wild west brothel! Oh, the rain dance shower head is amazing!

Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast Wild Rose Room
Western décor, room darkening curtains and antique chandelier give the Wild Rose Room a western flair.

We  are happy to now feature the Photography of Bitterroot Artist Laurie Pelham at the B&B! Laurie has an exceptional eye for capturing real Montana. From pioneer barns, to Big Sky Sunrises, to the most beautiful does in the valley, Laurie showcases western Montana. Laurie’s photos decorate the guest areas of the inn. As a bonus, all of Laurie’s featured works at the B&B are available for purchase (at a quite reasonable prices). The photos are matted and wrapped in a ‘suitcase ready’ fashion so you can take them home without worry of damage. We really appreciate Laurie helping us “Take Montana Home” to the B&B. You can follow her Montana adventures on her B in the Bitterroot facebook page.

Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast
Laurie Pelham’s Bring Montana Home photography is featured throughout the guest areas of the B&B.

Another great suggestion we heard frequently was a request for room darkening curtains in the guest rooms. While our rooms feature spectacular views of Montana, let’s face it, sometimes you just want to sleep in! Now you can choose. Open the curtains to reveal the Big Sky, the Bitterroot Mountains and the Bitterroot River or close ’em up and take a nice, long afternoon nap!

Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast
Room darkening curtains make it easy to curl up and take a nap! I know it doesn’t look dark, but the curtains have to be open or it will be too dark to take the picture, LOL!




Some of the men (I won’t name any names) didn’t like our “girly” coffee cups. Well, we fixed that, too! We are happy to show off our new mugs with big, manly handles!

I LOVE these mugs. First of all, they are made in America, woo hoo! These are hand thrown pottery by some uber cool, award winning ‘cheese heads’ in Wisconsin*. Second, the wide belly and narrow top keeps the coffee from sloshing out when you walk (guys, that means no saucer needed). Third, microwave and dishwasher safe. Yes! And if you need more reasons: the bottom has a built in coaster thingy that doesn’t scratch your furniture and they keep our coffee hotter, longer!





2014 074
Kevin used those to make tiki torches which give the inn an intimate feeling at night. More importantly, you can now enjoy a sunset cocktail without the mosquitos bugging you!


Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast
Serenity fountain creates ambiance and lights the walkway from the guest parking area.


Bitterrroot River Bed and Breakfast
UH OH! Did you forget something? No worries! We stocked a supply of emergency toiletry supplies in each room, just in case!
At this bed and breakfast, we are all about comfy, cozy and casual. However, sometimes you won’t to look sharp for the night out at the theater or the wedding rehearsal dinner. Now you don’t have to go chasing down your innkeeper (that would be me) wondering where the iron and ironing board are hiding. We have supplied each with it’s own ironing set.

There are many other suggestions we implemented like extra clothes hooks here or there, extra trash bins, more night lights in the halls, etc. Your generous suggestions have helped us not only survive, but have helped us to thrive our first year as owners of the Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast. Kevin still has a ‘honey do list’ to chip away at over the next year or so. There are a few landscape projects, a few more luxury items for the rooms, ceiling fans, etc. With your continued support I know we will keep improving our bed and breakfast and our service to you.

I’ve said it before. I will say it again, “We have the best guests!” Thanks for all of your help and support,

Heather and Kevin

*I use the term “cheese head” with the sincerest affection and admiration. (I’d better, I’m married to one! 🙂


One thought on “We listened to you!

  1. Kevin was a very gracious host during our stay. His wife was away while we stayed, and he really did an amazing job making us feel welcome and the food was just fabulous!! Looking forward to coming back soon!! Top rate accommodations!!!❤️❤️


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