Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast 17

Montana has so many fun things to do, who has time to blog?

Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast 15The weather has been so great in Montana this spring, I just can’t seem to stay indoors long enough to blog! Our days are long, it doesn’t get dark until after 9 p.m. and the warm sunshine is addictive! We have been busy working on the garden, playing with the  bitty hens and ducklings, doing some spring cleaning, and LOVING Montana!

Bitterroot River bed and breakfast 16
The Bitterroot Valley has great roadside and back country biking trails.
Bitterroot River Bed and Breakfast 16
This nice trout was caught right at the B&B!

We have enjoyed a steady stream of spring guest! The phone is ringing like crazy, as happy vacationers plan their Montana adventures. In our area there are more hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails than you can shake a stick at! The sunshine brings  the kayakers, fishermen, and ‘floaters’ down the Bitterroot River by the dozens! Our guest have been busy ‘spring breakers’ and retirees enjoying spring travel.  There have been a number of ‘destination weddings’  here in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley this spring. (The Bitterroot Mountains make a great backdrop for wedding photos!) We have had a great time serving the wedding families and enjoying their smiles and laughter! We really LOL when we heard the guest say, “What happens in the Bitterroot, stays in the Bitterroot!”.

Many thanks to our guests for sharing these great photos with us! If you have photos to share, you can email them to us at or post them to our facebook page! The sunshine calls to me, as well. So, if you have missed my posts on Facebook, don’t worry! We have just been enjoying our own Montana adventures, and we will be sharing pictures soon! To book your Montana adventure, click on over to our homepage!


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