Farm Fresh Eggs Coming Soon to the B and B!

Blue Silkie Chick
Welcome Home Blue Silkies!

Farm fresh eggs are the newest addition to our Montana adventure! Well, they are not quite making eggs yet, but the baby chicks, which will grow up to be bountiful producers of farm fresh eggs, have arrived! Our dream for the Bed and Breakfast includes serving the most wholesome and tastiest food we can prepare. It is only natural that we would serve farm fresh eggs, along with our Montana grain dishes.

Our chicks began arriving on Thursday. We chose two Blue Silkies and two Golden Laced Polish. If you don’t know chickens, no worries, you can learn along with us! These are fancy chickens. After all, I like bling, even on my chickens! These gals will lay about 200 eggs each per year. We had an egg-citing first day with the chicks! They were only  hatched the day before we got them. They are so tiny and very friendly. The chicks seem healthy and happy in their new home. Get a glimpse of the newborn chicks on the Chick Cam Live video.  Learn about chick breeds: Our Starter Flock Powerpoint Show.

chick days
Chick Days: Black Australorp and Ameraucana chicks

Everything was going great until I went to check on the chicks during the night. Imagine my heartbroken horror when I approached the brooder (chicken nursery) to find all four chicks lying prostrate in the cage, motionless, face first in the bedding! The largest chick appeared to have his neck broken; his head was dropped into the food dish! I was ready to blame the cat! In my panic, I must have startled the chicks awake, they all hopped up and starting chirping happily. Whew….someone should have told us that chickens don’t sleep, ‘all sitting pretty’ in a nest!

On Day 2, the ‘heavy hitters’ arrived. The Black Australorp Chicks, who look like tiny  penguins, will lay 300+ eggs per year. This breed is a beautiful breed that makes a great pet. We also got Ameraucanas, which lay blue and green eggs. They are very gentle chicks who seem to desire love and affection from their human caretakers.

Pekin Ducklings
One Day Old Pekin Ducklings

This sort of thing happens to me sometimes: I have a plan. A carefully researched plan. A written plan. Then I get to the Country Store for Chick Days…and I see other chick breeds and the ducklings! The librarians and the homesteaders all tried to convince me that ducks are much better egg producers than chickens. I heard about protein levels, meat (heaven forbid I should ever eat my pets), alertness to predators (ducks make great guard dogs for lambs?), etc. But, Oh! The cuteness factor outweighed all reason! So we came home with two darling ducklings! I did my best to convince Kevin, “They aren’t really ducks, they are a new breed of chickens”. I think my friend called the new breed, “Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers.” Kevin is a farm boy. From Wisconsin. He was like, “Um, no!” But, the cuteness factor eventually overrode his reservations, and the darling ducklings get to stay. Did you know ducks can be toilet trained and make great house pets? You must watch the Best video of the darlings learning to swim!

To follow our adventures, like us on Facebook, or better yet, come stay for a few nights at the B&B. You can get to know these gals for yourself and  create your own Montana Adventure! We are expecting to begin sharing our farm fresh eggs with guest  in late July, at the Bed and Breakfast.


One thought on “Farm Fresh Eggs Coming Soon to the B and B!

  1. Love the pictures of your chicks and ducklings! I’m a big fan of duck eggs, very tasty and they are excellent to bake with. Enjoy!


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