Bacon and Eggs, not for necessarily for breakfast!

Bacon and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs, the perfect sweet and salty snack!

I probably saw it on Pinterest. (I am addicted to pinning.) I certainly cannot take credit for the idea.  These cute little snacks always get big laughs at the breakfast table of our B&B! They are so easy to make, even the little ones can make them. We use small  pretzel sticks, Wilton Candy Melts, and small yellow candies to create these snacks.

Step 1: Lay out Pretzels sticks (your bacon), two at a time, on wax paper. Using a sandwich bag or pastry bag, melt white candy melts per directions (microwave in short intervals, half power is best).

You can usually get the ingredients at Michael’s or order online.

Step 2: Using pastry bag, carefully squeeze two small puddles of white candy melts onto each pretzel (bacon).

Make white chocolate puddles onto pretzels
You have the bacon, now add eggs!

Step 3: While the white chocolate is still warm, add small yellow candies to the center, and your done! If you can’t find small yellow candies, you can instead use yellow candy melts. Melt a small portion of yellow candy melts in a bag. Squeeze out a tiny yellow dot on each white egg. Now you have yolks. Let cool completely before moving.

Bacon and Eggs completed
Served on the side of a breakfast plate, these treats start any day off on the right foot!

Step 4: Enjoy! To see more of our  “Fun Foods”, follow our Pinterest board!



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